Notes on Decolonizing Nature

Decolonizing Nature: Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology , TJ Demos , October 3, 2016

Reclaimed zones of autonomy pg 13

Ernst Haeckel coined the term biology ? 14

We have to switch from apocalyptic imagery to utopian prophecy, to create a cultural "wilding" that opens

horizontal spaces into which people can enter and join the carnival. Pg 18

Environmentalism of the poor footnote 50 pg 22

How forests think towards an anthropology beyond the human Eduardo Kohn

Forest law pg 24

Buen vivir : emergent discourse within or beyond sustainable development?

Re Zapatistas

"Art becomes nothing less than a politico-aesthetic means of building an alternative revolutionary world

whose anti-capitalist sociopolitical and ecological elements define a holistic and sustainable form of life"

pg 157